This is a list of my notes. See /notes/notetaking/.

Kindle highlights: /highlights/


The An Lushan Rebellion /notes/an_lushan/
Bokaro /notes/bokaro/
China's dynasties /notes/china_dynasties/
Emergency, 1975 /notes/emergency/
Graded Cut /notes/graded_cut/
The Han Dynasty /notes/han/
Hindu Code Bills (1955-1956) /notes/hindu_code_bills/
Constitution of India /notes/indian_constitution/
Indian General Elections 1952 /notes/indian_general_elections_1952/
Indira Gandhi /notes/indira_gandhi/
India Pakistan war, 1965 /notes/indo_pak_war_1965/
India Pakistan war, 1971 /notes/indo_pak_war_1971/
Lal Bahadur Shastri /notes/lal_bahadur_shastri/
Land redistribution in India after Partition /notes/land_redistribution_after_partition/
The Ming Dynasty /notes/ming/
Nationalization of Banks, 1969 /notes/nationalization_of_banks/
The Opium Wars /notes/opium_wars/
Angami Zapu Phizo /notes/phizo/
Potti Sriramulu /notes/potti_sriramulu/
Purushottam Das Tandon /notes/purushottam_das_tandon/
The Qing Dynasty /notes/qing/
Indian refugee crisis after partition /notes/refugee_crisis_after_partition/
Sheikh Abdullah /notes/sheikh_abdullah/
Sino-Indian War /notes/sino_indian_war/
The Song Dynasty /notes/song/
Standard Acre /notes/standard_acre/
The Tang Dynasty /notes/tang/
The Three Kingdom Period /notes/three_kingdom_period/
The Yuan Dynasty /notes/yuan/


Being a GSoC mentor /notes/being_a_mentor/
Code Review /notes/code_review/
Debugging Python /notes/debugging_python/
Deploying packages to PyPI /notes/deploy_to_pypi/
ListenBrainz release process changes /notes/listenbrainz_process_changes/
Livegrep /notes/livegrep/
How Open Source really helps create a even playing field /notes/open_source_and_removing_privilege/
Sitemaps for SEO /notes/sitemaps/
Alert Fatigue /notes/stat_alerts/


STRIDE /notes/stride/
Threat Modeling /notes/threat_modeling/


First-past-the-post voting /notes/first_past_the_post/
Note taking /notes/notetaking/
Proportional Representation /notes/proportional_representation/
Single Transferable Vote /notes/single_transferable_vote/