I read a blog today that really resonated. The basic idea is that you should build stuff even if it doesn’t feel like the best thing that you could be building. It’s hard to come up with the best thing that you should be building. As such, it becomes very very easy to fall into a trap and feel like you need to postpone actually building your stuff for other things in favour of other stuff like “learning” and “gaining experience”.

The best way to gain experience is to build stuff. That way, you get to realize the problems you face and the skills that you’re missing. You also learn more stuff building actual stuff than you do reading books about building stuff.

In the year 2020, I’ve been putting this in action and as such I’ve built a few things that haven’t gotten much usage but have still been very useful learning experiences. I’m not gonna list them because they’re mostly embarrassing but it’s easy to find them, really. But overall, I’d definitely recommmend taking the strategy of building stuff that you think could be useful to your goals, and learning as you go.